MAKEUP54 embodies the glittering glamour of the seventies and eighties decades. Paying tribute to the iconic figures who seized the style of the era, MAKEUP54 celebrates idols who reflect the age and the decadence of discotheques they danced in.  

Anna Priadka, founder of MAKEUP54, grew up to the sound of seventies pop, the eighties new electronic era and the birth of supermodels in magazines and makeup books. Captivated by a time of fearless fashion and photography, colour blocking, high gloss and bold beauty looks led Anna to launch MAKEUP54, an Instagram project to recreate distinctive looks of the period.

MAKEUP54 captures the escapism of its eras, campaigns for colour, and is makeup styled to be seen in.


Growing up in a family where the sound of seventies and eighties pop filled the house, and a mum who was obsessed with makeup, it was no surprise that threads of both have inspired me on my makeup journey.

I would pour over the covers of my parents disco and pop albums and the stars that would adorn them, studying the makeup and the hair. My mum had some amazing makeup books and I was crazy about them. The colour and the glamour- it instantly made me realise the transformative power of makeup. I wanted to be the women in the makeup books, and couldn’t wait to apply it, with my first model being my Girl’s World doll!


As I grew older, I started to look back to those eras and was fascinated by the decadence and the iconic figures, nightclubs, photography, fashion and music. This was fuelled by my own journey in to the dance and disco world in my late teens and early twenties; the feeling I had, planning my outfit for the dancefloor and the makeup I’d be seen in under the lights. That feeling of whoever you were, wherever you came from, you were included. The love of the music and that atmosphere made me feel closer to the eras I loved so much; and it came hand in hand with glamour.

At the heart of dreaming up and creating makeup looks were the decades that inspired me. From a colour blocked glossy eye, a bold blush on the cheekbones sweeping up to the brow, paired with a matching bold lip - it was there.


Mum and Dad in the 70s

MAKEUP54 was born in 2015 out of my passion of these decades and my love for colour. I always had the dream to launch MAKEUP54 as a brand.

It started as an Instagram project, in an inclusive digital world filled with fantasy and people sharing their passions. My experience working with the most influential and iconic brands, developing my skills and the knowledge this gave me, led me to create my first five lip products.


"My aim for MAKEUP54 is to celebrate the seventies and eighties eras and its icons with a new generation, capturing their energy and the dancefloors they graced in their fearless fashion forward looks.

I want every person who wears MAKEUP54 to be seen in the world and to feel as decadent as the icons of the eras it is inspired by."

Anna polaroid.png

Applying my silver eyeshadow for the school disco


BTS applying the finishing touches

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The page as it grew